Are Tattoos Worth The Money?

Lets find out how a tattoo artist gets trained and efforts he/she puts in that.


Sep 29, 2020

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Tattoos are not a new trend anymore and almost every 10th person you come across has a tattoo and there are many who sport multiple tattoos too these days. With the vast choices available and the plethora of designs styles being explored and introduced in the body art industry, tattoos have become quite an attraction and one of the most preferred ways of self-expression.

However, with all that comes one big question revolving around tattooing; the question of money. Most often than not people feel that tattoos are an extravagant choice because they are an expensive deal to be involved in. Considering that a good tattoo requires a professional artist in order to get the best results and also have the right guidance throughout your tattoo journey.

Another thing to remember is how there are various parlors that will or might offer you cheaper rates for tattoos but you should ensure that the studio is trusted and follows the required standards for your safety and assurance of good work otherwise you can end up with a tattoo that requires many touch ups later, costing you more money eventually or it can also end up in you getting an infection. Hence, to avoid any of such situations, it is always wise to get the best that you can around you.

All that being covered, we would like to make you see why all your money is actually worth every rupee by telling you why they cost so much. Hence, here are reasons behind why tattoos can be expensive.

1. The Reward for the Artist’s Dedication.

A tattoo artist takes a number of years to master their art to get that perfect tattoo on your body which gets done in 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes of finesse come after long hours of dedication to creating your design after thorough research and giving you the best. Every artist spends days for their client and sits with them for long hours. We all know that time is money and a tattoo artist puts in humungous amounts of their time to ensure you walk out with smiles on your faces and excellent body art. All that effort and dedication and years of practice to reach a respected and recognized level, deserves to be rewarded.

2. There is No Room for Error.

A tattoo is permanent and even a minute error can cause uproars. The entire design needs to be done with full concentration and precision. You place your trust in the artist and they take full responsibility for their art. Since the entire process involves a level of permanence, it is important to understand that the amount of hard work the artist puts in is immense in order to ensure they make no error and for that they sit for 6 to 7 hours as well on tattoos to get it right. That amount of confidence comes in artists only after years of determination and practice.

3. Return on Investment of the Artist.

Tattoo artists invest on equipments like needles and machines and also sanitary tools like disinfectant sprays to ensure hygiene. There are other large scale investments also involved of the studio and its maintenance. All of that, just like any other business, requires money. Considering that the needles and other tools are mostly disposable, the investment is not one time for the tattoo artists. The inks of good quality also charge a lot and it is no secret that inks are not ever lasting. All this investment needs to be covered with sufficient returns.

4. The Bread and Butter of the Artist.

A tattoo artist does not get a monthly fixed salary or get any pension later once they retire. They do not have the liberty to go home and relax, one fine day because their income is solely dependent on the work that they do on every client.

5. Artist’s Risk.

When a tattoo artist sits with you, they willingly undertake risks. The risks of infections are just as much for them as well since they are in contact with a lot of exposed skin and blood. They take this risk for their passion and try their best to ensure your safety as well as theirs.

On understanding these reasons you can clearly see why a tattoo costs more than what you might think is justified. The amount of productivity we demand as clients can only be met by artists who are skilled and have the essential knowledge which they gain through rigorous tattoo training and working hours. It is quite unjustified and unfair to the artist if you consider that their price is too much. Even your favorite artists know that the amount they quote is not dispensable for every individual but if we can save for those magnificent sport shoes or that deep neck dress then why not save up for a tattoo that you have been desiring since always? At the end of the day, when you save up and get your tattoo from an expert in the style of tattoo, you will feel quite satiated. Don’t you think that is all worth it then?

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